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Salmon Belly

Salmon Belly

One of the two “butcher’s cuts” from our salmon. Both the bellies and the collars have always been brought home as a special treat by our cutters. We all know it’s the most flavorful and fattiest part of the fish. These cuts hold up great to broiling in a hot oven, or on a nice hot cast-iron pan. Just roast with salt and pepper then finish with lemon or lime. Simple and tasty. Also works well with soy and lime. Bellies can be marinated and cooked the same way any cut of salmon can be cooked, just be careful to not dry them out. They also make fantastic poke, which really highlight the texture and fatty flavor.

Salmon Belly

• Skin on and skin off
• Superior quality
• Farmed, harvested and processed in Norway

Ingredients:Atlantic Salmon belly flaps (Salmo Salar)

 Packed in 18 kg masterboxes and frozen

Sea-/truck-freight: 720 kg (≈ 1,587 lbs) 1 euro pallet ≈ 40 boxes


Most common size standards: 

  • Small 1-3 cm
  • Large 3+ cm

Download Specification sheet


Capture areaNORWAY

Specifications fish

Breed or gameGrow
Temperature flowFresh
Processing sheetWith skin and without skin


Minimum storage temperature0 C
Maximum storage temperature4 C
Preperation advice

The salmon are stored in a freezer with temperature at maximum -18°C (-0.4°F) throughout the transportation

1 FCL – 36 pallets – 25.920 MT

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