We are one of the largest salmon exporters.Salmon Exporter
  • Location:Søren Nordbysvej 26, DK-9850 Hirtshals
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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Seawell Hirtshals A/S

Our Vission

Seawell Hirtshals A/S has a set of values. These are important for us and are part of our identity. With a solid local base and an active view on the world, our values are a common platform for everyone working at Coast:

Our Mission

Seawell Hirtshals A/S exports Norwegian fish to the world. We are a seafood company that challenges its surroundings 360 degrees in order to create value all the way from the producers of raw materials to the consumers.

Who we are : Seawell Hirtshals A/S is an international salmon exporting company. The company’s owners and suppliers represent companies involved in the entire life cycle of salmon, from hatcheries to smolt production and production of fish for consumption. This allows the company to hand pick fresh and frozen products according to customer specifications.

About Us

It’s always about the quality

In addition to being major commercial operators, our shareholders and suppliers also represent ground breaking research and development in sustainable seafood production. One of our suppliers of salmon, Gildeskål Forskningsstasjon AS (Gifas), is a local fish farm that combines both seafood production of Norwegian Salmon and large investments in research and development. They are deeply involved in R&D, testing both in small and large scale, self-financed.

The combination of ideal locations, modern facilities and a focus on quality and food safety has gained Seawell Hirtshals A/S a position as a popular supplier both at home and abroad. Seawell Hirtshals A/S exports large volumes of fresh and frozen salmon to Europe, the US and Asia and has also a substantial distribution in Norway.

From Seawell Hirtshals A/S’s offices in Hirtshals the company manages transport to customers, with an efficient journey from the harvesting plant, to processing plants, supermarkets, and the customer’s kitchen. A network of suppliers spread over a large geographical area secures supplies of quality fish all year round.


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How our sales process work

Request for Quote

The client send us a request for quote with their requirement and target quantity including place of delivery

Send Offer

We send custmer an offer based on ExW, FOB, CIF or DDP including lead production and delivery time

Order Confirmation

Buyer confirms the offer and request for proforma invoice. We will issue proforma in buyer in EURO, USD or GBP


Once payment is confirmed, the order is shipped via the agreed shipping method such as Air, Sea or refrigerated trucks

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